Invest In Energy Efficient Windows & Doors To Try And Cut Your Energy Costs

Invest in energy efficient windows and doors to cut your energy costs

We really feel for homeowners at the moment as the increasing cost of food makes it more expensive to fill up your cupboards and energy prices hit a new unwelcome high.

At the start of April, the energy price cap rose by 54%, from £1277 to £1971. 

If you’re not completely familiar with what the price cap is, it is the maximum amount that your energy company can charge you for the amount of gas and electricity you use. 

And it looks like that price cap will rise again in October, predicted to be £2600+. 

Previously, you could shop around for a cheaper tariff, but there are very few cheaper tariffs available. 

All is not lost though. 

Getting energy efficient windows and doors fitted by us prior to the enforcing of the new price cap in October could help. 

Here’s some background on why that’s the case.

Energy Efficient Windows

Windows that offer poor insulation can be responsible for almost a fifth of the heat lost from a home, making its escape through the glass and frames. 

To check if your windows are contributing to any heat loss, see if there’s any mould or moisture on them or cracks in the sealant, and also hold a lit flame close by, seeing if it flickers at all. 

Our A+ energy rated windows could reduce heat loss, and also utilise the heat of the sun to warm your interior, which may result in a regular annual saving.

An energy efficient window
An energy efficient door

Energy Efficient Doors

If they’re quite old, your front and rear doors could also be to blame for heat loss. You can figure out if they’re losing heat by carrying out the same tests as we’ve recommended for your windows. 

It is a legal requirement that all replacement doors have a U-value of 1.8 W/m². The U-value indicates the insulating qualities of a material, and the lower the U-value, the higher the standard of insulation it offers.

A door with a low U-value is a certainty, no matter which of our stylish replacement doors you decide to buy and get fitted, and like our windows, they may save you a great amount of money on energy.

10 years is the minimum lifespan of our energy efficient windows and doors, so you could make a great saving over that time. 

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