Why Triple Track Patio Doors Are A Great Summer Home Improvement

Why Triple Track Patio Doors Are A Great Summer Home Improvement

The lovely weather that we (sometimes) get in summer draws us to the outdoors and our garden spaces.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from making that shift from the inside of the house to the outside of it this summer if you have a triple track patio door situated between the two settings, that you can just simply slide open.

Triple Track Patio Doors

Offered in a minimum of three sliding sashes and up to a maximum of six, it’s very different to a standard patio door and delivers some other notable summer-related benefits.

A broad view

The extra sashes and very slim aluminium profile almost gives you a wall of glass and through this glass you will get the most amazing external view from inside the house, which you could easily lose yourself in when you admire it.

This view will be enhanced further when the triple track patio door is in the open position and the pleasure you get from it will never diminish.

Added light

You should capitalise on the extended daylight hours and bring as much natural light into the house as you can.

Triple track patio doors will certainly help with that, causing the space they’re in to be brilliantly illuminated throughout the day.

A light-filled room can also feel more spacious than it actually is – put that down to the trick of the light.

Generous opening

If the opening that you get with a traditional patio door is a little too small for your needs, you will appreciate the expansive opening you can create with a triple track patio door.

Making your way across the threshold can be done with more freedom, and speaking of the threshold, you can request an ultra-low threshold to simplify things, as well as determine in which direction the door opens.

Anyone looking to invest in their home this summer should get in touch with Hazlemere and ask about our triple track patio doors.


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