Protect Your Home For National Home Security Month

Protect Your Home For National Home Security Month

It’s no coincidence that as daylight hours start to decrease, home burglaries increase, with opportunists seeing themselves as having a greater chance of breaking into homes undetected.

British residents seem alerted to this. 76.5% of us feel more conscious about the safety of our homes during the Autumn months, according to a survey held by security experts, ADT. Yet, burglary rates in many areas of the country are disappointingly high.

To reinforce to householders the importance of taking preventative measures to secure their homes, October is National Home Security Month, an annual campaign first started in 2013 – use their postcode checker to find out how safe your neighbourhood is.

Any suggestion that your home isn’t secure enough needs immediate action, because inaction can invite crime.

Use our products to bolster home security.


Doors are the gateways into homes and don’t thieves know it! 76% of domestic burglaries in England and Wales involve burglars gaining access through a door (source: ONS).

Lock snapping is a common strategy used to manipulate doors open and door cylinders that protrude more than the depth of a £1 coin are the most liable to snap easily – check your cylinders with this test.

From our replacement door range, we have composite doors that include 3-star locking cylinders, the most secure rating of cylinder to resist attacks, satisfying PAS 24, TS007, and Building Regulations Part Q. All of our cylinders come with a £2k manufacturer guarantee, as per Ultion.

A grey front door with silver handle


Data from the ONS also shows that 30% of burglaries occur with a burglar gaining entry through a window.

Burglars like to use a screwdriver, chisel or bar to lever a window open or their other trick will be to attempt to force out the glazed unit. Either game plan will fail if you have our UPVC windows installed, for example.

They contain a 9-point locking system, including two high compression bolts and heavy duty ‘Herculean’ hinges. We also internally bead the glass in our UPVC windows to make it almost impossible for the panes to be removed externally. As for our aluminium windows, they have a high security bead which stops the sealed unit being forced out from the outside.

Grey casement windows

Living Spaces

When extending your home with a living space of some description (conservatory, orangery etc.), you need to extend your burglar alarm coverage too as it can be an attractive target for burglars.

A high-quality construction is essential and it should be governed by a long-standing installer with certified accreditations.

Hazlemere has a superb reputation within the industry for exceptional extension building, and all the windows and doors in our living spaces have high-security locking systems and accessories to protect you from the threat of a break-in.

A solid roof extension with roof windows and bi-folding doors

Enquire about Secured by Design at your design appointment if you want Hazlemere’s products to step up home security even more than they already will.


Our made-to-measure windows and doors have the potential to change your home not just on the outside, but the inside too. From the very latest energy saving windows in maintenance free UPVC to a host of replacement doors – all guaranteed to fit perfectly with your home.


Make your home warmer, quieter and more secure by fitting our very latest energy efficient replacement windows.



Our range of replacement doors offer all the advantages of low maintenance and high levels of security for total peace of mind.



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