Walk into a world of endless possibilities with our new Solid Core Door. 16 exclusive designs available in 22 stunning colours.

Very few of us have the same door as our neighbours. We all have different tastes, we all like different styles and we all lean towards different accessories. And yet, despite that there is something we all have in common when it comes to buying doors: we want them to be exceptionally safe, secure and stylish.

When we designed our Solid Core Doors, we did so determined to put together a huge variety of options that would allow our customers to play with the many combinations of design, colour, handles, door knockers and accessories to help you create your perfect door in reality.

Solid Core Door

Not only is this a door with endless colour options and accessories to help you tailor it to the one you have pictured in your mind’s eye, but the Solid Core Door is, above all else, designed to keep intruders out with an incredibly robust 48mm solid core.

It has 16 layers of laminated timber, providing an incredible barrier between burglars and your home and family. The entire range has come out on top after rigorous testing and the work our team have done to design locks that are incredibly safe. Door shopping can be overwhelming and long-winded. But the search stops here – the Solid Core Door is like no other door on the market.

Solid Core Door
Solid Core Door
Strength and style combined...

We have an incredible team at Hazlemere, with designers, craftsmen and engineers who know how to combine science, style and security to create a door that is redefining home security. We also know that first impressions are important and so when you come to visit us, you will get a warm welcome from our