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The comical side to ‘old school' double glazing salesman

Oh, how times have changed! Buckinghamshire based Hazlemere Window Company appreciates the comical side to the ‘old school’ double glazing salesman.

We not only pride ourselves on our professionalism and passion at Hazlemere, but our sense of humour too! Over the last few decades the double glazing salesmen has been widely susceptible to criticism, stereotype and innocuous ridicule.

Fortunately, the tide turned during the 1990’s, with double glazing companies, in particular ‘old school’ sales personnel, were forced to change their attitude and application, or be faced with irrevocable indignation towards a wavering industry.

However, since the dawn of the new millennium things have dramatically changed for the better. The industry has extinguished the resentful blaze that infiltrated homes across the UK; with the population growing increasingly confident in organisations like ours.

So, to celebrate the (almost) reincarnation of the ‘old school’ double glazing salesman, we wanted to show you some very amusing cartoons we discovered recently that depicts our profession in the now distant past – which most of you can probable relate to! Enjoy…

Over the moon with your double glazing installation?
Are you over the moon with your double glazing installation?
You can tell from their glazed expressions........
You can tell what they sell from their glazed expressions........
Ice to know you, to know you Ice!
Ice to know you, to know you Ice!
Who would be a double glazing salesman?
Who'd be a double glazing salesman?
We found these wonderful cartoons on www.cartoonstock.com – a big thanks to these guys for entertaining the office and reminding us how not to be!

As you may have read on our website already, we recently introduced our No Pressure Promise to guarantee that all of our sales staff don’t use aggressive or hard sell tactics when visiting your home. Although we can joke about how things used to be in our industry, we are ardent about the future of it, and in particular how we represent ourselves both on a professional and personal level — Remember you can also come in and visit our friendly, approachable team at anytime. We look forward to seeing you!

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