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Composite vs UPVC Doors: Which Should You Choose?

Your front door is the main entranceway into your humble abode and should paint it in a positive light. Once it stops doing that you know that it’s time to find a replacement.

Black Composite Door

Door buyers have never had so much choice at their disposal and it’s UPVC and composite built replacement doors that dominate the market.

We are not going to lie – choosing between a UPVC door and composite door isn’t easy. It could even come to the toss of a coin as they’re so well matched.

Perhaps not though once you have gotten to understand what UPVC doors and composite doors have to offer:


UPVC doors have a plastic-like look about them which isn’t surprising as UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.

For this reason, some may consider them a little less attractive than their composite crafted compatriots, but they can be finished in a range of quality finishes.

We say some will favour it because a composite door has an appearance akin to traditional timber and by all intents and purposes looks as though it has been developed using authentic wood.

Neither door requires any sort of maintenance as they’re both completely weather-resistant.


Hazlemere is a company that prides itself on being completely honest with customers, so we will admit that composite doors are more costly than UPVC doors.

But don’t let that put you off the idea of buying one as a composite door will enhance your entranceway for around 30 years. 

Similarly, don’t be fooled into thinking that the lower price tag attached to UPVC doors means they provide inferior quality, that’s definitely not the case!


It’s all well and good having a pretty front door, but if it doesn’t protect your home sufficiently it isn’t doing its job properly.

Several different materials are meshed together to create a composite door slab and this makes it incredibly strong. View a composite door frame side-on and you will see that it is extremely thick.

A UPVC door isn’t quite able to match up to a composite door in terms of strength, but it does contain a host of secure features, including a multi-point locking mechanism and will take some serious shifting when locked shut.


Energy efficiency is a growing concern for homeowners due to the rising cost of household fuel and they’ll want any new door they fit to keep out any draughts.

UPVC doors and composite doors have excellent insulating qualities helping to deflect cold weather away and retain warmth generated inside the house.

The savings you make on energy bills post-installation will usually cover the initial investment into any new door pretty quickly.

Come see them for yourself

We have UPVC doors and composite doors exhibited in our High Wycombe and Welwyn Garden City showrooms if you’d like to see them before making a final decision.

If that doesn’t help you make a choice then you better get that coin ready!


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