The aluminium “wood grain” windows process

Homeowners now have an alternative to standard aluminium, timber and UPVC glazing systems – a new aluminium wood grain and colour range of windows, doors and conservatories called the Heritage Range. The aluminium â€Ŕwood” choices offered within this exciting new aluminium glazing system incorporate an actual wood grain effect, sublimated into the aluminium profile, producing unique and incredibly hard wearing double glazing frames.


The Heritage Range offers a high specification aluminium product in a series of seven attractive polyester coated colours, or three unique aluminium sublimated wood grain effect finishes of Oak, Rosewood and Walnut.


So what is unique about the new aluminium wood grain range? An Italian company called ‘Decoral’ spent years developing a process which allows high-quality wood grain to be produced on aluminium. Combined with all the protective advantages of powder coating, this new product offers a high quality robust alternative to traditional timber frame windows that require redecorating and maintenance.


How does the Decoral process work? Well, firstly, a special polyurethane powder coating is applied to the aluminium, and part-cured. Each wood grain design is printed onto a film, using inks which sublime when heated. The printed film is then wrapped round the coated aluminium, which is made to adhere firmly by vacuum processing, then heated to approx 200°C.


The colour from the ink sublimes onto the powder coating and diffuses into it, producing a permanently fixed decorative effect. Only certain powder coatings can be used because they must be capable of withstanding reheating to 200°C without damage. In this process the powder coating provides the protective effect, while the film-based technology applies the decorative wood grain appearance.


This type of process is well established in textile technology, where it is known as dye transfer printing. In layman’s terms the wood grain effect actually becomes part of the aluminium, so is literally ingrained and therefore extremely robust and hardwearing. Unlike timber frames, aluminium does not rot or need painting every few years.


Homeowners in the marketplace for windows, doors and/or a conservatory can choose this unique aluminium glazing system in three high quality sublimated wood grain effect finishes: oak, rosewood and walnut, or from a choice of seven attractive polyester coated aluminium colours: white, ivory, buttermilk, sage, hessian, slate and heritage green.


The Heritage Range requires little or no maintenance, and comes with a robust ten year guarantee. The compact design of the windows and doors delivers a positive closing action thanks to the aluminium strength. The sculptured contours are typical of traditional wooden designs, offering a high quality finish without the hassle and costs of having to upkeep actual timber.


Security wise, the Heritage Range external boxed glazing bead interlocks with the window and door frames so that it cannot be prised off without first removing the internal wedge gasket. Also each locking window handle simultaneously throws a central deadbolt and shoot bolts into opposite frame corners. There is a choice of black, gold, silver or white handles, as well as the usual range of accessories.


Environmentally, all relevant aluminium profiles are thermally broken to prevent heat loss and the formation of condensation on window frames. Foam infill is used in jambs and heads of outer frames to further enhance thermal insulation.


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