Hazlemere Windows bucks the pressure selling trend

Having been in the double glazing industry for more than a year, it amazes me how many visitors to our High Wycombe showroom recount being put under undue pressure by other double glazing companies, which sadly quite often turn out to be well known brand names.

This seemingly aggressive approach that clients often report they have experienced, actually appears to drive custom to Hazlemere Windows, as I am delighted to say, we have built up a proud reputation in the region for letting customers make up their own mind in their own time.

In a funny sort of way double glazing companies who use “hard selling” in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire, are doing Hazlemere Windows, Doors and Conservatories a real favour, as their behaviour simply highlights the benefits of dealing with the Hazlemere Group, a family owned, independent manufacturer since 1985, that has a large home improvements showroom in High Wycombe. Experienced industry professionals offer free expert help and advice on a no obligation basis.

Furthermore, Hazlemere Windows offer on the spot no obligation free estimates seven days a week at their Showroom in Wellington Road, Cressex Business Park to anyone who brings their own sizes, along with hand drawn sketches of each window and door showing any opening vents and which way they would like them to open. I am proud of the fact that Windows employ experienced industry experts who are on hand to offer no hassle free help and advice about all the different types of double glazing products available in the marketplace, whether or not you then end up buying from Hazlemere. Hazlemere Windows consultants take turns to man the Showroom, which is open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm , Saturday 10am – 4pm and Sunday 10am – 1pm. They are more than happy to let you browse at your leisure or, should you require it, run through the pros and cons of today’s modern energy efficient materials, such as aluminium, composite and UPVC along with the many different types, styles and finishes of double glazed windows, doors and conservatories within the showroom.

If, having been to the showroom, you see a home improvement product or products that you would like to investigate further, you can book up for one of Hazlemere’s experts to pop along to have a look at your property any carry out a free site survey and consultation. If you then would like a no obligation written quotation, they would be delighted to oblige, plus are more than happy to leave it with you to consider on your own in your own times. Hazlemere Windows non threatening, no hassle, softly softly approach definitely pays dividends, as clients tell us all the time what a pleasant contrast it is to the hard sell approach they had unfortunately experienced from representatives of other double glazing companies.

I know personally I can not stand pressure selling, and will personally not buy on principle from any person or firm that puts me under undue pressure.The simple way to find out if what I am saying is true or a marketing gimmick is to come along when it suits you to Hazlemere Windows 8,000 square foot home improvement showroom, enjoy one of our complimentary speciality coffee’s, whilst having a leisurely look round at the wide range of home improvement ideas and options on display. For a no obligation “on the spot” free estimate to help you budget and plan simply bring your own sizes and get a genuine indication of how much your UPVC or Aluminium replacement windows and doors are going to cost.

As you will discover when you pop along at your convenience the great thing about Hazlemere Windows home improvement consultants is that they will only spend time helping and assisting you in the showroom should you wish it.


Our showrooms are our shop windows and we have invested heavily to create extensive displays that best showcase our large range of windows, doors and living spaces. You will receive a warm welcome, plus a proper coffee, and the choice to browse at your leisure without interruption.


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