Bucks homeowners go green or face higher council tax

According to an article on thismoney.co.uk on 13th July 2009 by Daniel Martin of the Daily Mail homeowners “who do not have double glazing or insulation would be hammered under proposals drawn up by an environmental pressure group which will be considered by ministers.”

Whatever the outcome, it seems inevitable that homeowners in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire will soon be paying more one way or the other, by either a) investing in energy efficient energy saving windows for their property, thereby reducing their carbon emissions or b) paying higher tax bills until such time as they make their home more energy efficient. It is thought Climate Change Secretary of State Ed Milliband is likely to announce what penalties energy inefficient homeowners could face in the Autumn of 2009.

“John Adams, who came up with controversial proposals for the UK Green Buildings Council, said the green loans idea would take off only if the ‘carrot and stick’ approach was employed. The loans would be offered by the Government to fund environmentally friendly schemes such as double glazing, loft and cavity wall insulation, solar panels and wind turbines.” (extract from an article by Daniel Martin of the Daily Mail)

It does make sense to opt for the greatest return on one’s investment by choosing the best financial combination between thermally efficient windows and how much they cost to install in the first place. My personal opinion is that UPVC or Aluminium “C” rated replacement windows are the best value, as they cost less than “A” rated windows, but offer excellent thermal efficiency. Although UPVC and Aluminium “A” rated windows are obviously slightly more energy efficient, and the most environemtally friendly in the marketplace, the financial reality is that you will probably never get a return on your investment unless you live in the same property for decades.


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