Double glazing: Security for your home and workplace

You should feel safe, relaxed and protected in your home. The same applies to your workplace. It’s the property where businesses provide goods or services to their clients and have items of value related to that business. In either case, you will want to be sure that all items belonging to you are safe from theft and damage.

However many windows you have in your home, the investment in changing single glazed to double glazing for all windows is worth it. The difference between single pane and double glazing panels is that you immediately have two security panels that provide added measures of keeping your home safe. Plus is the inside or outside pane gets broken, you are still have one pane left till you find a firm that suppliers and installs made to measure replacement double glazed replacement sealed units.

When it comes to security, simply keeping summer heat and winter winds out of your home is an important type of security that also assists to lower the cost of your energy bills. Double glazing can be manufactured using security glass which means thieves will be in for a surprise if they attempt to break in through these re-inforced double glazed sealed units.

You do not want to have to worry about your home being safe while you are away. Investing in ways to toughen up the security on your home can start with the potential points of entry, your windows and doors. It is surely worth making all points of entry hard for a burglar to access by fitting secure replacement double glazing to ensure your home is as safe and secure and as comfortable environment as possible.

Some insurance companies recognise the value of double glazing windows. It is always worth asking the question, to see if you qualify for a discount on your home insurance due to the fact that your property has double glazed windows with extra security measures built in. The same holds true for your workplace, particularly if the property where the business is located in a high crime risk area. If heightened security is sadly necessary, you can add window and door security grills or bars, which still allow light in. The big advantage of fitting retractable grilles, is that you can still open the window and doors should you need to get out in the case of emergency, plus of course allowing even more light into the property.

There are many different styles, materials and types of double glazing windows available. A good way to start your search is to take advantage of the many online useful resources.

It is wise to ensure that you take very accurate measurements for online quotes or those that can be provided over the phone. This will ensure that the prices you are quoted reflect the proper amount. Get at least 2-3 like for like quotes, including from local double firms with good reputations who are willing to come to your home, take accurate measurements themselves and provide you with a no obligation quotation, leaving you to make your own decision in your own time. The best price may not offer you the “best deal”, better to look for well established independent double glazing manufacturers and installers, particularly if they have a showroom, guarantee their work and can show you genuine up-to-date testimonials from satisfied customers.


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