Ultimate green “Des-Res” zero-carbon eco home

Zero-carbon eco home is the ultimate green ‘Des-Res’

Every so often an eco-structure redefines the rules, surpasses expectations, and sets the benchmark for a sustainable future. The worlds first ‘Active House’ has just been constructed on an estate in Lystrup, a suburb of Denmark’s second city, Aarhus; and the dream of a zero carbon lifestyle has just become reality for one local architect.

You know you’ve got yourself a credible eco home when the impressive specifications read: â€ŔSolar panels warm under floor heating. Fifty square metres of solar cells generate electricity, while computer-controlled windows automatically regulate internal temperature”, and would have estates agents biting and the bit to have such a user friendly property on their books.

The Active House: has the power to light up any party
The Active House: has the power to light up any party
It was conceived as a more comfortable riposte to the ‘Passive House’, which has set the standard for sustainable living in the last 10 years. The ‘Active House’, which is prevalent in Scandinavia, Austria and Germany, rely on energetic insulation and a heat exchanger that warms fresh air on the way in during the colder months. Its south-facing roof is covered in solar panels and solar cells, which between them produce more than enough power to keep the occupants warm and the appliances running without the worry of a power cut.

Active builds, unlike Passive’s which are typically only open to the south, introduce huge windows on all sides of the property. In fact, over 40% of the building is glass, and even on a grey rainy day the rooms feel and look spacious and bright. Even with triple glazing, it is no competition for the thick, well-insulated walls that provides the house’s heat efficiency.

Sverre Simonsen, the proud owner who lives with his wife and two children, says: “Hopefully we’ll set a standard for what houses will look like in the future. But, this is an experiment. We’re not building houses, we’re building an idea.” Here at Hazlemere we support and encourage such a fantastic eco concept, particularly when homes like this have a positive impact on the environment. We certainly look forward to seeing more eco homes under construction in the UK this year.

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