Hazlemere’s top 10 energy saving tips

Here at Hazlemere, we are passionate about saving money. And if you can save money while saving energy, then that makes us even happier.

With the help of double-glazing windows, you save energy and money but there are also other factors that assist in reducing your carbon footprint. By following our very simple, yet highly affective tips on how to be more energy efficient, your home or business will play its part in not only reducing your energy bill, but reducing your CO2 emissions too.

Save money by having an energy efficient well insulated double glazed property
Save money by having an energy efficient well insulated double glazed property
1. Watch that thermostat
Turning down your thermostat by just one degree will reduce your energy bill by at least 10%. Resist the temptation to open your windows.

2. Here’s a bright idea: switch off lights
Cut your consumption by switching off indoor and outdoor lights when not needed.

3. And another
Energy saving light bulbs last around 10 times longer than ordinary light bulbs and use a fraction of the energy an equivalent traditional bulb does.

4. Be switched on by switching off
It seems obvious, but turn the main cooker switch off and don’t leave your washing machine on standby. This will cut your energy bill by roughly 5% each year.

5. Don’t leave anything on standby
TV’s, DVD players, Internet modems and PC’s contribute to roughly 20% of an average household energy bill. Turn them off!

6. Adapt to a multi plug adapter
Try plugging all of your multimedia equipment into a multi-plug adapter and then switching the whole adapter off at night with one switch. That will shut off all of that ‘standby’ power being consumed.

7. You snooze, you lose
Charge your mobile phone when you are awake so you can unplug it once fully charged. The same principle applies to your laptop.

8. Wall and roof insulation
Eco wool will insulate your roof and walls more effectively. Up to 35% of your homes heat escapes through the walls, and up to 25% through the roof.

9. Be a sun worshipper
Invest in solar thermal panels on your roof as the hot water from these can be fed into your boiler. The energy savings will also add to the energy efficiency rating of your home.

10. Energy efficient double glazing
And last but by no means least. Quality double-glazing stops energy from escaping your property, and makes it a littler quieter too. We highly recommend that you consider having double-glazing as it will dramatically improves the overall energy efficiency of your home or business and adds value to it as well.

We will happily visit your property to determine which energy saving windows are best for you, or why not see how our Energy Rated Windows can save you money and the planet.


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