Order now to avoid paying VAT increase say Hazlemere

It may seem a long way off, but on 1st January 2010 VAT will increase to 17.5% from it current rate of 15%. This may not sound like much of an increase, but on a £20,000 new Conservatory or house full of double glazed windows and doors order, 2.5% represents a £500 increase to the customer.

Before tax and National Insurance the cost to tax paying clients of a £500 investment is probably nearer £800, so if you are thinking seriously of major home improvements and want to avoid paying the 2.5% VAT increase after 31st December 2009, then you really need to order very soon, particularly if you want a conservatory.

VAT is due at the tax point, which is when the goods are delivered, so in the case of replacement windows and doors or a new conservatory, when the installation is complete.

Given it can take up to three months to get planning permission or a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development to build a conservatory on your home, and that it can take 6-8 weeks to build a conservatory, Hazlemere Conservatories are urging their customers who wish to avoid the VAT increase to order immediately.

HMRC have rules in place to prevent customers paying in advance to avoid paying the VAT increase, so the only way Hazlemere can assist its customers to pay the current rate of 15% VAT for their new conservatory is to get the planning application into our customers local council’s planning department ASAP and have completed the installation (after having first gained an approval) before 31st December 2009.

The same goes for windows and doors, and whilst the lead time on replacement or new double glazing is not as long as on conservatories, Hazlemere customers who want to be absolutely certain that their installation will be totally completed before the end of 2009 really need to order soon, as most customers are amazed when we advise them that delivery can be up to three months on certain products (other products are nearer two months delivery at present), which is due to the massive increase in demand for home improvements since January, when it seems home owners have decide to improve rather than move.

Obviously if hundreds of Hazlemere Windows, Door & Conservatories customers suddenly decide they all want to avoid the VAT increase, then delivery times will get even longer than they already are. Therefore, if you want to save money on planned major home improvements, now is the time to seriously consider ordering to ensure your project is completed prior to 31st December 2009.


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