Can McClaren pip Ferrari to 3rd F1 Championship spot?

At the beginning of 2009 we all wondered what an earth had happened to the McClaren F1 motor racing team, with them unable to get either of their cars in the top ten in qualifying. During the early Formula One Races it was painful to watch the 2008 F1 Motor Racing World Champion Lewis Hamilton struggle near the back of the starting grid, although as always overall out performs his team mate in both qualifying and in most races.

Then, about halfway through the F1 season McClaren found a winning Formula again, and Lewis Hamilton was again dominating pole position and getting on the podium, and more importantly winning races. Lewis Hamilton’s resurgence has made the 2009 F1 title race more exciting, and has helped Red Bull at least give themselves a chance of the Drivers Championship, although I doubt they will overhaul Brawn in the Constructors Championship. Lets hope Jenson Button can win the Drivers Championship in style by winning one of the last two races.

Third place in the constructors Championship in now between Ferrari (currently 2 points ahead) and McClaren, thanks to Lewis Hamilton new found package/form and sadly Massa’s unfortunate accident at Spa. With the two aging Ferrari drivers not what they once were, McClaren have a great chance to turn a disasterous start to 2009 into a relatively successful finale. Roll on the final two races in Brazil and the Middle East!


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