Don’t be duped by “national” window scrappage scheme

A double glazing company is running a TV advert which seems to offer a “national” window scrappage scheme. The view of the double glazing blogger, the Renegade Conservatory Guy brings whether this claim is true into question. Following is the response from Renegade Conservatory Guy (RCG) on his blog to valid a question from Emma who says she is looking for replacement double glazing:

“Hi Emma, The real Window Scrappage Scheme has been proposed to the Government through a petition on the Number 10 Downing Street website, but as yet there is no official scheme unless Government policy changes. You obviously saw a TV advert from Anglian who have created their own marketing campaign on this subject.” (Renegade Conservatory Guy)

Under what seems to be a totally “unofficial” window scrappage scheme, potential customers are appearing to being offered “up to £2,000 off”, but as there is no retail price list, and the fact that “minimum order values apply”, it does just sound like a marketing gimmick, rather than a genuine subsidy.

Believe you me, Hazlemere Windows would love there to be a government “National Window Scrappage Scheme”, so consequently the Hazlemere Group actively supports the Glass and Glazing Federations petition to Number 10 Downing Street. In-fact, Hazlemere Windows & Doors has been encouraging householders to sign up to the GGF petition to get the government to introduce a windows scrappage scheme, to enable homeowners to install environmentally friendly energy efficient, energy saving windows.

So if you are considering replacing any windows and/or doors, please don’t be duped into believing there is a government national window scrappage scheme, as sadly at present there is not, but hopefully if enough people sign the Glass and Glazing Federation’s petition, then the government mind see the electoral, energy saving and environmental benefits in assisting property owners to improve the UK housing stock.


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