Can your double glazing installer comply with the rules?

During a pre-arranged visit in response to a request for a double glazing quotation, one of Hazlemere’s senior sales consultants was presented with “The Rules” when arriving for a double glazing appointment in South Bucks, and was asked to read them before any discussions took place. Naturally our sales consultant had no problem complying with the customers wishes. Having subsequently been privileged to read “The Rules”, I was both a) so impressed, and b) so amused, I thought it would be helpful to share them:

Rule 1: “You can only quote for budgetary purposes on the windows at the moment. If the price seems reasonable you can do accurate measurements at another time to confirm accurate prices.”

Rule 2: “Quote on the simplest UVPC in white. We can embellish later.”

Rule 3: “Locks on all windows.”

Rule 4: “You are STRONGLY advised NOT to play Double Glazing Salesman’s games like “I’ll call my manager to see if I can get you a special deal” or discover a last-minute promotion you can apply. Don’t bother with “Can I see you together”, “You get a special discount voucher because you called us” or assumptive double-bind closes – if you do ANY of that I/we will humiliate you with extreme sarcasm and you’ll be running for the door.”

Rule 5: “Japanese Quoting Rules – “The Best price first time on final quote.” You stand or fall by it (Changes of specification excluded and only when we have accepted the ball-park estimates to do accurate pricing)”

Rule 6: “In return I/we will be open and honest. If I/we get better quotes we will share with you to help you reach your order tipping point.”

In summary, this client had clearly had previous unhelpful experiences with double glazing sales personnel, who do themselves, nor the industry any favours in seemingly sadly perpetuating the poor reputation of double glazing salesmen. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a sales person who refuses to leave your home immediately the moment you ask them to. I have heard some harrowing tales from clients who I have spoken to in our showroom, who after all just wanted a quote for double glazing! Is that too much to ask?

As in the above visit by an experienced Hazlemere sales consultant, we at Hazlemere Windows, get so so many potential customers who have had similar experiences coming to us, as they know they will not be pressurized or pestered, whether in their own home or in our High Wycombe Showroom on Cressex Business Park. It is so sad that this client felt he had to protect his household with “The Rules” and yet they are very fair, worldly wise and sensible.

Here at the Hazlemere Group, we give a “No Pressure Promise” and encourage potential customers to take their time and look round the showroom on their own (experts are on hand should they wish to ask questions) and are delighted to do a free home survey, and then and there provide a written quotation to leave with clients to consider in their own good time. So, as for complying with “The Rules”, Hazlemere Window Company Ltd are only too delighted to do so.


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