Important questions to ask double glazing installers

There are some key important questions you should ask double glazing installers before buying double glazing and deciding which company is not only the best one for you and your property, but also for your long term peace of mind. I recently read a very helpful online article by James Sytinuyikia on the Real Estate Pro Articles website on this topic. According to this website, James has over fifteen years experience as a consumer rights advisor, and I would agree with everything he advises, as it is so important for consumers to ensure they do not fall for any unscrupulous selling techniques sadly still employed by some double glazing salesmen.

Anyhow here is a summary of James’ questions to ask before buying double glazing

How much is the deposit?
“Often, double glazing sales people try and get as large a deposit as possible upfront. This can leave you exposed if when the work is completed, you feel that the contract has not been fulfilled to your expectations. For this reason, look to pay no more than 25% of the total cost of the window fitting as a deposit, and be extremely wary of any incentive which works on you paying more — for example ‘special rates’ if you pay a very high deposit.”

How will you pay the deposit?
“In the UK, any purchase made with a credit card protects you against a breach of contract, as it is the credit card company who become jointly liable with the firm who have done the work. For this reason, it is advisable to pay your deposit on credit card, as this will offer you a level of protection should the work not be carried out as agreed. In addition, there are numerous cases where salespeople have taken deposits for businesses that are about to go bankrupt, or which go bankrupt prior to the contract being fulfilled. By paying on credit card you offer yourself a level of protection, as claiming money from a liquidator can often be a difficult process.”

Is the company FENSA registered?
“There are over 9000 FENSA registered companies in the UK, and it is advised to go with a company who do use the FENESTRATION – SELF ASSESSMENT as a mean of measuring their work against UK building regulations. FENSA are currently on a drive to convey to homeowners the benefits of using a registered installer, and whilst opting for a company which is registered does not guarantee a hassle free installation, it does indicate a level of achievement on behalf of the company. Considering the costs involved in installing new windows, this should give you, the customer, some piece of mind in knowing that you are about to use a trustworthy firm.”

Can you see examples of the company’s work?
“Most, if not all, companies will be happy to show some of their work if you ask them to. But be aware, they are unlikely to take you around a project which has not gone smoothly. For this reason, you could ask your friends and family for their experiences, or check online to see feedback on the firm. When using the internet to check up on a company, keep in mind that people are more likely to report negative experiences than positive ones — a sad fact of life — and, especially in the case of UK wide companies — this can generate an appearance of incompetence where really the overall picture is actually of decent work.”

As James indicates, it is just a case of being savvy, and taking sufficient time to research both the product, and the company you are considering partnering with, whilst remembering that just as not everything you read in the newspapers is necessarily true or 100% accurate, nor is everything online, as James’s following example highlights: “In addition, as with everything on the internet nowadays, companies will use forums to both mislead potential consumers in regard to their successes, and also try to discredit the work of their competitors.”

Hazlemere Window Company Ltd does not require any deposit, which immediately separates itself from most of its competitors, plus Hazlemere’s FENSA registeration number is 10589 (Click here to find them on the FENSA website) and actively encourage potential customers to view both recent and years old Hazlemere installations and check out some testimonials by Hazlemere customers, as it is the high quality of product combined with high standard of workmanship that sets apart Hazlemere Windows installations from that of others.


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