Prospective purchasers tend to offer less for UK properties that have not been fitted with double glazing

A Modern Double Glazed House
A Modern Double Glazed House
By installing modern energy saving double glazing we cut massively down the energy lost through single glazed windows. Fitting high quality thermally efficient double glazing saves money on heating during colder periods of the year as double glazing is designed to keep the warmth in as well as the cold out.

In addition, double glazing gives added security when installed in any property, as double glazed glass is a lot more difficult to break through, making the job of burglars more difficult. This is often down to toughened glass, combined with robust frames and locks.

House purchasers expect double glazed windows as a pre-requisite, not only for the above reasons, but the value and saleability they add to the property. Properties without modern energy efficient double glazing will not only have a poorer Energy Performance Certificate rating, but be less likely to sell for the full asking price, given the purchaser will have to factor in the amount of investment required to fit double glazing to make the property better insulated and secure, so if they do make an offer to buy, it is likely to be a much lower one than you would like if you have not invested in double glazing.

There is also the cost of on-going maintenance and redecoration, which is vastly reduced if double glazing is already fitted, as modern double glazed windows and doors require very little maintenance to keep them looking like new. All in all, why on earth would home owners not want energy saving double glazing that cuts heating bills down, insulates and protects the home, thereby making it a) warmer and safer, b) a better long term investment and c) consequently easier to sell in the future?


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