Sun protection for your, your furnishings and your home

A vital function of any awning, blind or canopy is the sun protection these products offer both you and your property from the effects of the sun’s harmful rays. This solar protection correctly located and fitted in the proper proportions, can provide sun shade for any room, and in the case of awnings, when deployed, offer solar protection for any patio area and your outdoor furniture and furnishings.

Not only do awnings, blinds and canopies protect your home, they also can protect your carpets, expensive furniture and fabrics, prolonging their lifespan, assuming you do of course deploy them on sunny days, which will also help keep you and your room(s) cool.

It is important to protect ourselves, our family (or co-workers) and friends from the glare of the sun as well as from the intense heat it can generate. In the UK sun glare is often much more of an issue in winter months when the sun is nearer the horizon and therefore lower in the sky. So whether you are considering installing blinds, an awning or a canopy, do think carefully about which product would be best suited to your property if you are looking for the option of solar protection throughout the twelve months of the year.

If your prime consideration is to ensure maximum protection from harmful UV rays, you want to ensure that the material you choose for your awning, blinds or canopy is conducive to this important function. For example, on awnings and canopies, high density woven acrylic fabrics will provide optimum coverage, whereas many blinds, such as pleated conservatory roof blinds, come with the option of having a reflective solar coating on the outward facing side.

Bearing in mind fabrics for awnings and canopies are exposed to the elements, check that the fabric you choose is water and dirt repellent, protected against rotting and other environmental influences, fade resistant and that they will keep their shape for the life of the awning or canopy.

Whether you are looking for internal or external solar protection, there is a mind boggling choice of types, fabrics and modes of operation, plus in addition there are other external solar protection products, which come in a wide range of high performance fabrics for optimum solar heat and light control, whilst still reducing glare and providing privacy. The important thing is to ensure you choose the right product to protect your family, fabrics and property from the sun.


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