Where are the Bucks Highway Agency road workers?

There appeared to be a little flurry of activity in the few weeks after the January 2010 cold snap, but since then where have all the Buckinghamshire Highway Agency road workers gone? Are they there? It is just simply I have yet to see them repairing any of the roads like the A40, M40 and those on Cressex Business Park that I use to come to work at Hazlemere Windows every day?

All I seem to see in Beaconsfield and High Wycombe in Bucks are more potholes emerging, whilst existing potholes get larger, wider and deeper, which is not ideal for the daily commute!

As I could not understand why Bucks County Council are not seemingly taking more urgent action, out of pure frustration and lack of comprehension I wrote a personal blog entitled Do the growing number of potholes on our roads drive you potty?

To be honest it may just be me, or maybe every other driver on the road is enjoying the challenge of “pothole slalom” to avoid the worst crevasses. At night, when following another vehicle it is sometimes impossible to miss a pothole “hidden” by one’s headlights, the dark and the vehicle in front, but hey ho, we are British so we put up with it!

In all seriousness, the dire state of our roads, especially as they are getting worse, not better, must surely be of serious concern to all vehicle drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Travelling to work at our factory and showroom in Wellington Road in High Wycombe is now more like an adventure ride with motorists constantly swerving round potholes, so as to try to protect their tyres, wheels, suspensions and hub caps, which occasionally results in them closely missing other oncoming vehicles.

Why do us Bucks County Council Tax payers put up with the state of our roads? I just do not understand why we do? Obviously if it is not an issue for others, then fine, but our roads are for use by everyone, so hopefully, we actually do all want them repaired and safe?

It seems to me that the roads in Bucks will continue to crumble until someone in authority provides Bucks County Council’s Highways Agency with more funding and empowers them to systematically repair all the network. Lets hope they agree that accident prevention is better than cure?

Vote in our pothole poll about how many potholes you pass on your way to work!


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