GGF advises property owners on Part L transition period

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has published its advice about the implementation of the major Part L changes. In summary the GGF has stated there are three main transitional provisions:

ONE – Where building work has started before 1st October 2010, it may continue as if the new changes had not been made. Where a building contract has been agreed, as long as the work commences before 6th April 2011, then this is OK. If full plans have been submitted before 1st October 2010, then as long as work starts before 1st October 2011, then this is an allowable exception.

TWO – Replacement window and door companies/property owners must commence installation before 6th April 2011 on all contracts signed on or before 30th September 2010. For the avoidance of doubt, any contract signed on or after 1st October 2010 must comply with the new Building Regulations.

THREE – For the new build and replacement market (domestic and non-domestic) where Building Control provided approval before 1st October 2010, the installation can comply with the 2006 edition of the Part L after 1st October 2010 as long as work commences by 1st October 2011. Any notices issued on or after 1st October 2010 must comply with the 2010 Approved Document L guidance.

For a more detailed GGF summary download a PDF entitled “Transitional Arrangements for compliance with Approved Document L Conservation of fuel and power 2010


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