Only 30 days left to order replacement windows/doors!

The one thing I’ve found at Hazlemere Windows, is that they faithfully communicate with the growing numbers of customers, year on year, keeping them up to date with the many technological advances and legal changes (constantly occuring it seems!) affecting the double glazing industry.

The Hazlemere Group wrote to every single customer/household on their database in June 2010, informing them of the significant changes to the building regulations after 30th September 2010. Property owners now only have 30 days including today to purchase our most affordable windows that meet current legal requirements. From 1st October 2010 onwards, we will only be able to provide them with windows that have an energy rating of C or higher.

I do however think it is important to point out that our double glazing that has less than a C rating still delivers excellent benefits, and is without doubt a much better option than sticking with old timber or single glazed crittal windows. Not only do you need to purchase these windows on or before 30th September 2010, but you must have had them installed by 5th April 2011 in order for them to be issued with a FENSA certificate. Hazlemere Windows are currently able to promise that we will have them installed and ready in your home well well before this final deadline, so there is no need to panic as long as you do request a no obligation quotation very very soon, and sign/date an order before the end of this month!

It is worth remembering that the cost of having new windows and doors put in your home is a much less costly option compared to moving house. When you add up all the costs of moving home such as paying stamp duty, estate agents fees, removal vans, solicitors and legal fees (most of which attract VAT as well), it can often make real financial sense not to change property, enabling you to stay in your current residence for a fraction of the cost.

Another reason it is worth considering ordering replacement double glazing now, is because as long as it is installed before Christmas 2010, you will avoid the 2.5% Valued Added Tax increase from 17.5% to 20% VAT that comes into effect on Tuesday 4th January 2011.


Our showrooms are our shop windows and we have invested heavily to create extensive displays that best showcase our large range of windows, doors and living spaces. You will receive a warm welcome, plus a proper coffee, and the choice to browse at your leisure without interruption.


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