Monaframe aluminium conservatories still meet regs

Large Conservatory With Red Brick Dwarf Wall
Large Conservatory With Red Brick Dwarf Wall
Whilst it is no longer legal in the UK for consumers to buy non-energy rated replacement windows, nor for UK double glazed window and door companies to sell or install them, it is still fine to fit a conservatory containing non-energy rated windows and doors onto your home in the vast majority of cases.

The new Building Regulations exempt conservatories from having to comply with the new minimum energy ratings requirements that came into effect on 1st October 2010 as long as a) there are external doors fitted or existing between the conservatory and the property, b) there is an independent heating system (if one at all) and c) the conservatory (including overhanging guttering) is less than 30 square metres.

So whereas Sapa (Monarch) Monaframe aluminium profile can no longer quite meet the new window and door regulations (as it does not have a thermal break), it is perfectly compliant with the new Building Regulations, should homeowners still wish to purchase it to match in with their existing double glazed Monaframe windows and doors, or simply prefer it’s thin, yet incredibly strong profile, which has always been one of it’s main attractions.

If you want to know what a Monaframe aluminium conservatory looks like, along with aluminium Sapa Dualframe conservatories designed, fabricated and installed by Hazlemere Conservatories, simply view Hazlemere’s aluminium conservatory gallery, clicking on the bottom right hand button in the gallery to expand any image to the full size of your screen.

Likewise, UPVC conservatories with non-energy rated windows and doors also comply with current Building Regulations, as long as they, along with aluminium or wooden conservatories can meet the above criteria and planning i.e. are within existing permitted development rights, or have either a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development or Planning Permission. There are one or two other major obstacles to overcome if your property is a Listed Building, or in a Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or if near a watercourse or have any trees with a tree preservation order on them or if there is a sewer pipe/manhole cover within 3 metres of your planned conservatory site etc.

If you are planning to build a conservatory, it is wise to ensure you get an expert conservatory company to check out all the above and take responsibility for getting it right so you have no comebacks. You will need to apply for Building Regulatory Approval (and submit heat loss calculations) if you do not want external doors between your existing property and your new conservatory, or if you want to integrate your conservatory into your existing heating system, or if your conservatory is larger than 30sq.m. Find out more about what permissions are needed.


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