Help & advice selecting a home improvement installer

As with any significant purchase, getting the best advice and choosing the right supplier often go hand in hand. Whilst there are a lot of companies to help you choose the right product for your property, do your research on your chosen partner carefully, as not all of them may have the necessary expertise or experience, or even the product you need. So here are some questions you can ask to help you narrow down the field, along with some tips to bear in mind.

Can the supplier provide helpful expert information and a range of decent brochures and samples to assist you get the right product for your property?

Check the supplier and installer offers a free no obligation consultation and site survey by an experienced expert.

Ask questions about the company and confirmation that it does have its own experienced installers and not sub-contractors.

Always get a written quotation to consider in your own good time (there should be no charge for this, but it is always wise to check this). Ask how long it will be valid for and what you can expect if you do decide you want to proceed.

Always aim to arrange a free consultation at your property during daylight wherever possible, particular if you plan to choose finishes and/or colours from samples during the appointment.

What is their after-sales service like? Do they have their own dedicated service engineers who will be able to resolve any future issues that may arise with the product(s) and/or installation?

If relevant, make sure the home improvement expert that undertakes the consultation takes into account the aspect of your property in relation to the sun, so that you ensure you do end up with products that take into account the effects of direct sunlight.

Does the supplier have a website with decent content and images, so you can check them out, whilst finding out more about their products and services?

As the products will effectively become part of your property for years, it is important you choose a company that will be around for the same period of time, so look for a supplier that is well established and has a recognised brand name and earnt a good reputation.

Preferably choose an experienced installer with the expertise, product knowledge and technology to provide you with the best possible installation and service.

Is there a showroom open seven days a week where you can see the products you will be buying before you order them and where you can speak face to face with someone who is an expert home improvement consultant?

If the installer is not a manufacturer, ensure the supplier you choose has been authorized and trained by the manufacturer. You will be more relaxed about the situation knowing that the installation will be done professionally and that the product you are purchasing will be backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you do want quality, reliability and longevity, be wary of any quote that is way cheaper than others, as you are investing in your property for the long term, so make sure you are comparing â€Ŕlike with like”. You will always be able to find a â€Ŕcheaper” option, but ask yourself will both the product and supplier still be in good working order in ten years time?

Ask if the supplier requires a deposit. If so, don’t pay too big a one. Whilst is it fair and reasonable to pay a deposit for bespoke products that are being specially made to order for you, it is unwise to pay a large deposit. You need to think carefully about placing an order with any company requiring a deposit of much more than 10-20%.

Is there a range of ways to make your payment in terms of any deposit the remaining balance upon satisfactory installation? Established companies should be able to take cheques, debit cards and credit cards (although many businesses now charge a small administration fee for payment by credit card). Some credit card companies offer added consumer protection and insurance if you pay using their credit card.

How long will the product(s) take to survey, manufacture and install? Especially relevant if you “have to” pay a large deposit.

Finally, is the supplier you are considering approaching independent with a good reputation, plus are they large enough to offer you a sufficiently wide range of product and after sales service, should any issues arise in the future with either your product or the installation?


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