Prefer master craftsmen or a jack of all trades?

Aluminium Dualframe Conservatory Installed By Hazlemere in Marlow Bucks
Conservatory Installed By Hazlemere in Marlow
If you are planning to add or replace a conservatory onto your property, there are several ways of going about it, once any legal, and/or planning and/or building regulations permissions required have been applied for and obtained.

The “cheapest”, though most professionals would agree, the most “dangerous” route is to attempt a DIY solution. However, unless you are fortunate enough to be an experienced designer, builder, bricklayer, electrician, plasterer, plumber, double glazing installer or floor screed specialist, then there is no guarantee the end result will be watertight and finished to a high standard.

Without the necessary skills, being a jack of all trades, yet a master of none can represent false savings. Yet again this week, I had a call from a frustrated son, whose father’s DIY hardwood conservatory was leaking like a sieve, yet the father was seemingly not prepared to admit his mistake in getting cowboy builders (his son’s words) to put up a conservatory “kit” he had obtained from a DIY store.

The last I heard reputable DIY stores like Wickes had stopped supplying DIY conservatories? If true, maybe this is due to the number of customers who were unable to assemble them with sufficient acumen to prevent them being drafty, leaking white elephants?

At Hazlemere Conservatories we have attempted in recent years to offer a range of services to provide customers with a one stop shop when purchasing a conservatory. However, though some customers ideally only want to deal with one firm, Hazlemere are honest enough to admit we are not blinds, ceiling fans, flooring or furniture “masters” in the truest sense of the word. However, we are conservatory specialists, and do recommend blind, ceiling fan, flooring and furniture specialists, given our experience with these products, so customers end up with the very best overall conservatory result.

By focusing more on what Hazlemere has over 25 years experience and expertise in – manufacturing, supplying and installing bespoke conservatories, customers benefit from more attention to detail on what really matters – a high quality finish and valuable additional living space that offers a warm dry sanctuary all year round.

So when planning and building a conservatory one can choose the DIY route or the more costly, though vastly less risky route, as firms like Hazlemere Conservatories provide a comprehensive ten year guarantee on all their tailor made UPVC and aluminium conservatories, on both the product and, more importantly, on the installation.

So the choice for each element of a conservatory or extension to your home is either to select and invest in master craftsmen or take the risk on a jack of all trades, knowing that there is a danger that he/she/they may be a master of none. As the old saying goes, “you pays your money and you takes your choice!”


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