Improving rather than moving remains the watchword

UPVC Conservatory Adding Living Space
UPVC Conservatory Adds Valuable Living Space
In an article published on 3rd August 2010 on the About Property website entitled “Boilers, dishwashers and double glazing save energy in the home” it claimed that research from the Halifax Building Society published in July 2010 showed that almost 1 in 5 persons desire to move into a property that requires no home improvements.

If it is true that nearly 20% of the UK population want to buy a house that needs nothing doing to it, I am amazed, as buying a “ready made” home is often very expensive, as one either pays a premium to the property developer who built and/or renovated the property, or alternatively a handsome profit to the home owner who did up the property in order to gain a substantial return on a relatively modest investment in risk/reward terms.

Consequently, surely it is more financially sensible for you to be the property owner who carries out the home improvements, so it is you who benefits from any subsequent increase in property value?

With the recession seeming never ending, and householders having less and less disposable income, homeowners continue to improve rather than move, which is good news at least for the DIY industry and the likes of Homebase and B&Q. Here in Hazlemere Windows High Wycombe showroom we have seen an increasing number of property owners enquiring about replacement double glazed windows and doors for an extension or loft conversion. In addition, growing families are looking into the feasibility of adding a conservatory onto their house to provide much needed extra high quality living space, be it a kitchen/diner, gym, home office, play room, dining room, extra or enlarged living room.

Building a conservatory can be more aesthetically pleasing than a full blown brick built extension with a tiled or flat roof. Despite the changes to the Building Regulations that came into effect on 1st October 2010, and the new legal requirement that all UK property owners replacing any existing window(s) and/or door(s), or indeed building an extension, must fit compliant higher performing thermally efficient fenestration products, it is still easier and less costly to obtain the necessary permissions to build a conservatory. Plus as long as Building Regulations are not required, it is usually far quicker to obtain all appropriate legal approvals. Also a UPVC or aluminium double glazed conservatory is much less expensive to build and available to utilise a lot sooner than an actual extension that requires both planning permission and Building Regulatory Approval, plus signing off by a Building Control Officer from your local planning department when finished.

Building an extension that matches in, loft conversion and/or conservatory will add value to any home, whilst at the same time provide invaluable extra living space. I believe that all these home improvement options are 9 times out of 10 far far less costly than the massive expense of moving house, especially when you take into legal fees, removal costs or van hire, surveyors costs, estate agency fees (all of which now attract 20% VAT), account mortgage or loan set up charges, and of course stamp duty (i.e. tens of thousands of pounds). It is any wonder then why so so many UK property owners continue to opt to improve rather than move.


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