Will adding a conservatory to our home require planning permission and/or Building Regulations approval?

Conservatory Extension With Dwarf Brick Wall
Conservatory Extension With Dwarf Brick Wall
Most properties have ‘permitted development’ rights, allowing a certain amount of ‘building on’ to occur without having to obtain planning permission. In certain circumstances your local council may have removed the permitted development rights for some reason.

You can find out by contacting your local council’s planning department, who will advise you if your property’s ‘permitted development’ rights have been removed. Experience shows that a visit to the council office in person, and talking to a Duty Planning Officer, will obtain a speedy result rather than telephoning a ‘help desk’.

Whilst, customers thinking of building a conservatory can employ Hazlemere to undertake this work for a fee (plus any local authority charges), it is far quicker/less expensive for property owners to carry out this check themselves, especially as some local planning departments are reluctant to release this information to third parties, and when they do it can take weeks! Also whilst some local authorities do provide this service for free, most charge an administration fee of between £25 and £50 for this service. Therefore if time is of the essence on a conservatory project, it is advisable for home owners to ask their local planning department.

As a very general rule of thumb, it is the newer and smaller sized properties that often have had their permitted development rights withdrawn, often as a trade off with a developer who just wants to build as many properties on a plot as possible, as planners then often don’t want any further extensions or development.

If adding a conservatory to a house that has already been extended, it is likely one will need planning permission before commencing building works. To find out more about whether your property will need planning permission or not click here

Building Regulations
Most conservatories as a general rule are normally exempt from Building Regulations, but to avoid you having to make a building regulations application (a separate requirement to a planning application) the new conservatory will need to be:

a) Built at ground level
b) Less than 30 square metres in internal floor area
c) Have an independent heating system (if heated)
d) Built so at least half of the new wall and three quarters of the roof is either glazed or translucent material
e) The conservatory is separated from the house by external quality door(s)

There is more detailed information on www.hazlemere.co.uk or to enquire about your own property’s particular circumstances, and if the proposed site, materials, design and size you require needs planning or not, ask one of Hazlemere’s expert conservatory design consultants on Freephone 08000 825 825 or email info@hazlemere.co.uk


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