Choosing a supplier because they can be “quick” is not always wise

The last thing home owners want to end up with from a double glazing company is a hurried, miss-measured, badly fitted, wrongly specified or poor quality inefficient product. Any of these unfortunate outcomes can result in unwanted hassle trying to get it sorted. Property owners are better to take their time chosing the best suited energy saving product (and supplier) for their premises, rather than run the risk of ending up with a second rate poorly installed product, all for the sake of a few weeks or a few hundred pounds.

Replacement double glazing is not inexpensive, so take your time getting it rightt
Replacement double glazing is not inexpensive, so take your time getting it right
When considering replacement double glazing, it is worth approaching well established independent local firms that offer a genuine no obligation free home consultation by an experienced windows and doors expert. From the very start, set your stall out and advise each firm you approach that you will not accept any hard selling tactics, and that you will require a written quotation to consider carefully on your own once they have left your property. Make it abundantly clear you are in no rush, and that if and when you make any decision it will be in your own time.

Consequently, be suspicious of double glazing selling tactics that claim their company can deliver in only a few weeks, as why are they not busy and able to offer delivery quicker than other firms quoting a couple of months, who clearly have a fuller order book? A larger order book could well mean that some of the customers in already in their queues had chosen to wait to get the firm, quality of product and workmanship they want, rather than rush to try and save money with a quick fit operation desperate for the work.

It is all about consumer choice, but the process of producing really high quality, properly fitted energy efficient high quality bespoke replacement double glazing does take time. The usual procedure after a customer signs up, is that the sales consultant’s measurements, product specifications and costings are then double checked. Next a professional surveyor arranges a new appointment at a time acceptable to the client to take accurate exact measurements of each aperture. From this survey and assessment of a particular property (assuming there are no nasty surprises!), the raw materials and appropriate glass is ordered. Upon receipt of these (which can take several weeks if the product required is not in standard colours or finish), the work is scheduled for production in the factory, enabling the bespoke windows and doors to be fabricated, then checked by quality control, before an installation date is even set. Specialist window and door fitters are then assigned to carry out the installation on a mutually agreed date with the customer.

Be wary of any double glazing installer looking to cut corners in order to be able to deliver a lower cost product, as they will still be looking to make a profit, so at which point in the process will they do this? i.e Where exactly will they make their margin, on the product and/or on the installation? If there is any compromise it could be a) on the survey, b) on the quality of the raw materials, c) on the glass specification, d) during fabrication, e) on quality control, f) during fitting or g) on any after sales service or “guarantee” There is nearly always a reason why one firm is less and one is more, so do remember the faithful old saying that â€Ŕyou get what you pay for”.

The most crucial mistake to avoid is paying over a substantial deposit full stop, particularly if your only reason for doing so is because that particular firm’s representative “promised” you a quicker delivery than all the other firms. If you don’t then get the quick delivery you had expected, you are stuck as they have your non-refundable deposit if they have ordered raw materials, so in effect you cannot cancel and switch to the firms who quoted more honest and genuine delivery times.

Double glazing companies promising a quick delivery, surely cannot have many orders (why?), but if they do have lots of orders, they physically can’t do them all as priority, and if they have taken say a 25% deposit off you, they have your money, so frankly you are probably going to just have to wait until they do eventually carry out the fitting all being well.

Hazlemere Window Company don’t take any deposit from home owners for supply and fit replacement windows and/or doors, and quote realistic and genuinely achievable delivery times. It is really about choosing the best long term outcome, and value for money, so householders have to decide if it is worth waiting a few extra weeks to be certain of ending up with a high quality product, professional installation and a robust ten year fully comprehensive guarantee, or taking the risk on a firm insisting on a large deposit but â€Ŕguaranteeing” a faster delivery.

Property owners can reduce the risks involved by doing thorough research into the actual products each company is offering, looking into the detailed specification, thermal performance and independent certification of each product under consideration. Since 1st October 2010, genuine energy efficient double glazing is no longer cheap, so it is worth taking one’s time and carrying out sufficient investigation into both your chosen product and the double glazing supplier and installer you prefer, to ensure you get a decent return on the investment you intend to make in your property.

There are hundreds of really decent local independent UK double glazing manufacturers, suppliers and installers around, so don’t be rushed into signing on the dotted line, by some national sales campaign, or a high pressure sales rep, who only gets any commission if they sign you up on the night, so wait until the sales representative has gone, so you can select the right product and right supplier for your property.


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