Whether double or triple glazing, replacement windows make sense

Any UK property that has single glazed windows installed, it is very likely to have huge energy bills and a greater carbon footprint, than homes fitted with modern thermally efficient double glazing. Remarkably, many UK households are still unaware of just how damaging this is to both the planet as a whole and their pocket, so surely the time is coming when we all need to start doing something about it.

Replacement double or triple glazed windows will dramatically reduce heating bills & save energy
Replacement UK double or triple glazed windows will dramatically reduce heating bills
Hazlemere Window Company, independent manufacturers and installers of energy rated windows and doors base in High Wycombe, Bucks strongly suggest that UK home owners make a start by replacing any old windows that they have and installing in their place energy saving double glazing or even triple glazing. Contemporary replacement double glazed windows offer great energy performance, but a triple glazed windows by definition betters it. The only downsides of triple glazing are the initial cost, the extra weight of the extra glass on the hinges and the cost of any replacement sealed units. One huge benefit of double or triple glazing is lockable windows, which all have a night vent facility, a very important home security benefit on hot summer nights, as the replacement windows are locked in a slightly, yet secure, open position, allowing much needed ventilation.

Triple or double glazed energy rated windows can be fitted in as many or as few rooms in a home as customers require. By putting double or triple glazing in those rooms you use most regularly, you can be sure that your household will stay at a consistently comfortable level. You will also notice that the cost of your energy bills will be slashed up to potentially as much as 50%, plus your boiler will be called upon less often than you would if one persists with the old inefficient windows.

New replacement windows from Hazlemere Windows are very energy efficient as they utilise and transfer the heat of the sun into your living space. By using less energy you will be protecting the environment and conserving traditional fossil fuels for future generations. The Government now insists by law that double glazing or triple glazing installers providing windows that are at least ‘C’ rated so that you can be sure of quality thermal performance and reduce emissions.

If your budget can stretch to it you could also think about adding a set of composite doors to your property. The thickness of composite door frames and the well insulated polyurethane core used by Hazlemere ensures that any draughts previously experienced will automatically disappear. plus their toughness and high security locking system will reduce the risk of unwanted intrusion.


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