Don’t tolerate high pressure sales tactics or persons

In my experience the last thing double glazing customers want is a high pressure sales person in their home, especially if they will not leave until they have “got the order”. This hard selling tactic is a disgrace and does no credit to the person or the double glazing industry.

Consequently, Hazlemere Windows have a genuine “No Pressure Promise” to guarantee that when invited into someone’s home, they will not employ any hard sell tactics and will leave immediately in the extremely unlikely event that the customer is not completely comfortable with their approach.

The same principle applies to anyone visiting their 8,000 square foot High Wycombe Showroom in Wellington Road, on Cressex Business Park. Customers are free to come along seven days a week and browse for as long as they like, and only spend time with one of their expert sales consultants should they wish to. They do offer all customers who visit their showroom a cup of tea or speciality coffee or a soft drink, and should they wish it, free home improvement help and advice. I am proud that Hazlemere Windows employ:

* No Gimmicks
* No False Discounts
* No False Time Limits
* No Hard Selling Tactics

Hazlemere, like many well established local reputable double glazing companies, provide no obligation quotations, use no pressure to make your mind up, offer free expert consultation and initial site survey. Customers can spend as long as they like in the showroom without being pestered, plus I prefer customers not to order until they are 100% happy with both the product and process.

Moreover, Hazlemere’s highly experienced sales consultants are all between 35 and 65 years old, so not only have a mature approach to customer service, but can pass on to you the expert industry knowledge they have gained over the years. In addition, the vast majority of Hazlemere Conservatory, Orangery, Door, Window, Roofline and Home Improvement Consultants have been at Hazlemere for over a decade. As independent double glazing manufacturers Hazlemere Window Company is not tied to one particular profile or product, so offers customers one of the widest range of UPVC and aluminium (plus composite doors) home improvement products of anyone in the UK.

They do not have any silly discounts in order to be able to offer “up to 70% off”, with such huge discounts often only being available if you order “there and then”. If and when Hazlemere do have genuine offers, these can appear very small compared to others in the industry as any Hazlemere offer comes out of their actual margin, hence why it may appear modest, but at least it is genuine!

Finally, as most importantly, all Hazlemere Windows, Doors & Conservatories sales consultants are more than happy to leave you with a detailed written quotation for you to consider in your own space and time (after you have kindly afforded them the opportunity to take accurate measurements and carry out a free site survey of your property). Naturally if you want to sign up “there are then” you can, but you will be put under no pressure whatsoever to do so.

Just don’t tolerate any company or person employing deceitful or hard selling tactics. For your own sake don’t allow anyone to put you in a position where you could come under pressure from them, so if in doubt kick them out or preferably don’t let them into your home in the first place, as no one should have to experience unpleasant high pressure selling scams.


Our showrooms are our shop windows and we have invested heavily to create extensive displays that best showcase our large range of windows, doors and living spaces. You will receive a warm welcome, plus a proper coffee, and the choice to browse at your leisure without interruption.


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