Is it alright not to have white?

In the UK the vast majority of homeowners opt for white replacement UPVC windows and doors, not just because they are less expensive that foiled or coloured UPVC frames, but also because when it comes to re-selling their home, it is a well known fact that potential buyers prefer white windows. This is because they know if one day do wish to sell the house themselves, their purchaser will be looking for properties with energy rated white double glazed for the same reasons they wanted them!

Wood Grain Effect UPVC Replacement Windows Are More Thermally Efficient & Require Virtually No Maintenance
Wood Grain Effect UPVC Replacement Windows Are More Thermally Efficient & Are Low Maintenance

Despite this, UK home owners with no plans to move, or who have decided they want windows and doors to their liking or to blend in with (for example) their traditional older property and/or their countryside environment, might simply just not want white UPVC windows and doors. High quality foiled “A” rated UPVC window and doors can make certain properties look positively stunning, enhancing their appearance and value.

The most common foil woodgrain “real timber” effect UPVC window and door finishes usually offered by double glazing suppliers and installers are white woodgrain, golden oak, rosewood and mahogany. There are other foiled UPVC double glazed window and door finishes available in the bespoke window marketplace, but these tend to cost more again (as foiled finishes obviously cost more than white to start with), plus delivery times are longer as foil finishes are often categorized as “specials”.

When it comes to what colour, finish and type of product appears in between opening casement, sliding sash or tilt and turn UPVC windows, the answer is usually white. However some suppliers and installers like Conservatory Outlet Dealers like Hazlemere Window Company are also able to offer non standard foil UPVC double glazed coloured windows with base frames in either caramel and dark brown as well as bog standard white. There is a much longer lead time on any “specials”, but if a property owner wants windows and doors that have no “white bits” then all they have to do is pay a little bit more and wait a little longer before installation. The caramel UPVC base frame colour was selected by manufacturers Conservatory Outlet to complement their popular golden oak windows, whilst the dark brown UPVC base frame colour was chosen to complement the Mahogany and Rosewood windows, as these finishes are by far the most popular UPVC foiled timber effect window and door finishes in the UK marketplace.

Hazlemere Window Company offer UPVC wood effect colour finishes in black, cream, heritage green and grey, as well as rather more unusual colours such as anteak, blue, deep red and Irish oak, all available from the double glazed UPVC Window and Door Artisan woodgrain collection. All these colours and finishes are on display at their High Wycombe UPVC Windows and Doors Showroom that is open seven days a week.


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