Household Energy Up By 71 Per Cent In A Decade

If any further proof were needed of the impact energy bills have had on homeowners over the past 10 years then you need look no further than recent research carried out by Santander. The banking specialists have found that the average household energy bill has risen by 71% in a decade. This is remarkably double the speed at which inflation has increased. Broken down, over the past 10 years, the cost of gas has tripled and the price of electricity doubled.
Banking director at Santander, Carlos Palacios, says: “Times are tough for a lot of people at the moment and increasing household bills are one of the biggest causes of squeezed consumer finances. People have already been forced to make a number of adjustments to their lifestyle to cope with the hikes.”
One of the most noticeable adjustments people have had to make is cut down on fuel consumption, even when they need it most. Even during the winter months, certain households are faced with no other choice but to go without essential heat, which is worsened further when they only have single glazed windows installed.

Fuel poverty figures are also at an all-time. This occurs when a household is spending 10% or more of its monthly income on energy bills. There is no doubt that energy costs have become a major and unavoidable issue for the majority of homeowners.
Hazlemere is only too aware of the problem which is why every item that comes off our production line is designed with energy efficiency in mind. This not only includes double glazed windows, but also aluminium conservatories and aluminium French doors.
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