Enjoy Garden Living More Regularly With Aluminium French Doors

If you have a back garden and a young family then now is the ideal time to make the most of your outdoor space. We all know how much kids love to get out into the garden to play with all of their favourite toys and games and we know how important it is to keep our eyes on them as they do so.
This is where the installation of a set of aluminium French doors would come in particularly handy as they provide a handy link between home and garden. When fully opened, your home will feel more spacious than ever and it will give you the perfect excuse to get out or remain indoors whilst keeping a check on your children.
Hazlemere stock a high-quality set of aluminium French doors which are not only designed to help give you easier access to your garden, but can add an aesthetic quality that can help ensure that your property stands-out in a crowded neighbourhood. With a range of finishes available, finding a colour to suit the existing appearance of your home will be a breeze.

They also come fitted with a multi-point locking system which when properly secured will protect a property from any unwanted intrusion. The aluminium frame is extremely durable and the glass is internally glazed so that the chances of anyone managing to force their way into your property unpermitted are massively reduced.
Anyone unaware of the qualities of aluminium only has to look towards our range of aluminium conservatories which can provide homeowners with extended living for at least 10 years such is the strength and resilience it has.
The best way to see our aluminium-based products is to visit our High Wycombe showroom where all our offerings are on full display.


Our showrooms are our shop windows and we have invested heavily to create extensive displays that best showcase our large range of windows, doors and living spaces. You will receive a warm welcome, plus a proper coffee, and the choice to browse at your leisure without interruption.


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