Find Out How Double Glazing Can Keep Your Home Warm

Installing double glazing in your home is a very important step towards creating an energy efficient property that can save you money and help the environment. Windows are effectively used to allow light and air into a home however; much like an old incandescent light bulb they generate a lot of waste in the process. This waste is generated from the heat escaping through the glass which is a very poor insulator; unfortunately the properties of glass cannot be matched by any other material so the heat loss is an accepted trade off.

The important thing to ensure is that although the trade-off of light for heat loss is accepted, all possible steps to minimise the negative effects must be taken. Fortunately modern window design and construction has allowed for a variety of innovative and ingenious solutions that can aim to reduce heat loss. This innovation has seen changes made to every single part of the window including the glass, frame, plastic and sealants; all of these changes can work together in order to achieve useful savings for your home.

The most common of the solutions to reducing heat loss is to use more than one pane of glass; double and triple glazing windows are far better insulators than windows with just a single glass pane. Contrary to popular belief, double glazing is not a more effective insulator because of the extra glass; it is the gap of air that is created between the two glass panes that forms the insulating barrier. Like in the walls of your home, air is incredibly effective at stopping heat transfer and ensuring that the warm air inside the home does not interact with the cold air outside the home.

While making the switch from single to double glazing will likely produce the biggest impact in terms of energy effectiveness, there are still other changes that can be made in order to further cut energy usage. One of the best ways to do this is to use UPVC frames that are fitted with specially designed insulation; this fills the void of the window frames and acts in a similar way to cavity wall insulation. Further energy efficient changes that can be made can be found on the glass itself, a special coating can be applied to maximise light entry and reflect heat back into the home. If you are interested in double glazing in Bedfordshire, double glazing in Aldershot or double glazing in Basingstoke then be sure to ask about how efficient your new windows will be.


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