Hazlemere’s Top Ten Energy-Saving Tips

Few household outgoings have risen as quickly in recent years than energy bills. According to industry regulator Ofgem’s latest Electricity and Gas Supply Market Indicator report, bills have risen on average £300 over the past three years alone.

If you still have old traditional timber windows installed then one obvious way of reducing costs is to invest in replacement windows from Hazlemere as they will cut heat loss massively.

However, once installed there are numerous ways you can lower your bills further. Though not an exhaustive list, you can find 10 great energy-saving solutions below:

1. Avoid keeping lights on in your home when you intend to leave it unoccupied. The same theory applies as far as heating empty rooms is concerned.

2. Never overcharge mobile devices. Press the off switch or unplug when fully charged.

3. Rather than using separate hobs for cooking vegetables, invest in a steamer and cook them all on one hob to save on gas.

4. When not in use, switch your TV or any other electrical accessories off at the wall as opposed to leaving them on standby as this will still consume valuable energy.

5. Replace traditional light-bulbs for energy-saving equivalents.

6. Turning down your thermostat by even 1°C can save you a few bob per year.

7. In winter, dress appropriately for the time of year when indoors; no shorts and t-shirts.

8. In summer, take advantage of the warmer weather and dry your clothes outside.

9. Draw your curtains as soon as darkness falls to keep heat enclosed.

10. Use the timer option on your boiler to better control as and when your home needs to be heated.

For further energy-saving advice please keep revisiting the Hazlemere blog.


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