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Triple glazing is really beginning to take off in the UK amongst both suppliers and consumers. The double glazed window has reigned supreme since the 60s and will continue to do so, but the triple glazed window offers a very viable and valuable alternative.

It goes without saying that the primary difference between double glazing and triple glazing is an extra pane of glass; however that extra pane of glass can make a huge difference to your home and your finances.

Yes triple glazing will cost you more money, but your investment will go a long way as the below benefits testify:

– An â€ŔA” rated window offers a superb amount of thermal efficiency but a triple glazed window provides 40% more thermally efficiency so will therefore save you an even greater amount on your fuel bills.

– Triple glazing will eliminate all those cold draughts that manifest themselves in your living space due to the incapability of your existing windows to keep outdoor air away from the interior.

– You will enjoy a much quieter residence as triple glazing is a great sound reducer. Those living near a main road will particularly enjoy its acoustic insulation qualities.

– Your home will consume far less energy than it did when you had single or double glazing installed so in the long-term you can expect to pay a small price for household fuel.

– A far more secure home is assured as the extra pane of glass makes the window much harder to break.

– Whenever your boiler produces heat, triple glazing will store as much of it as possible so that your residence always feels warm and comfortable.

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