All Spent Up After Christmas? Here’s Some Energy-Saving Tips

Feeling the pinch after Christmas? According to a YouGov survey, it is estimated that the average household spend over the festive period was around £822, up 7 per cent on the previous year.

Because of this, the month of January will be a very quiet month for many families as they look to recoup some of the cash splashed out on all those gifts for their loved ones and Christmas parties. It will help your financial plight if you make more of an effort to utilise less energy in your home, something that you can do in many different ways.

Here are a few suggestions of how:

Most of us have at some point either left our mobile phones on charge overnight or left it plugged in too long and pressed the standby button on the remote control for our TV. In both situations, energy will still continue to be consumed so you’re basically paying extra on your bills for no reason. So always make sure that you pull the plug out when your phone is fully charged and pull the TV plug out rather than leave the red light on. The same goes for most other household appliances.


You may think it’s a good idea to leave a few lights on in your home when you’re out, but if you have a secure set of windows and doors why would you need to do this? There’s also no reason to leave a lamp on whilst your sleeping so when you don’t need lights turn them all off completely. Purchase energy-saving light bulbs too!


Stop boiling the kettle unnecessarily. Only boil it when you know that you’re ready to have a cup of tea or coffee and make sure you fill it with the necessary amount of water rather than overfill it.

Windows and doors

Once you’re back in the black, why not start saving up for a brand new set of windows and doors as they will do wonders for your home in terms of energy efficiency, getting rid of any draughts that were previously present. You can buy these from Hazlemere!


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