UK Women Opting For Home Improvements Not Holidays

Thousands of families will be taking to the skies over the next few weeks for their annual summer holidays but according to research conducted by Standard Life many UK women would prefer to snub their jollies for home improvements.

The long-term savings and investment business found that 21 per cent of women have made improving their home a top financial priority for 2014, as opposed to the 16 per cent who say that having a holiday is their main concern.

Opinion amongst their male counterparts slightly differs though with 15 per cent of those questioned stating that they plan to invest in their home and 18 per cent preferring to head for somewhere exotic.

It just goes to show that people are extremely committed to their properties and conclusive proof that ‘your home is your castle’.

Enhancing your home is something you should look to do on a regular basis as there are always areas you can improve upon and investing in it can help you reap the rewards in the future.

Perhaps your front or back door isn’t as secure as it once was or the windows you currently have installed let in too much outside air resulting in costly energy bills. Whatever it is, you should take the initiative and rectify the situation now as it could have an effect on its overall value and impact upon the amount of enjoyment you gain from spending time indoors.

Those looking to sell their home are particularly urged to pour their savings into their abode as in order to attract buyers and catch their eyes it needs to be in tip-top condition.

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