7 Home Improvements That Prevent The Need To Move

Moving home is sometimes due to necessity rather than an actual urge to relocate to a new property in potentially a completely different area.

For instance, the house that you first moved into may no longer provide the spaciousness that it did because of a growing family.

In those circumstances we would recommend that you have a conservatory or orangery integrated to extend space.

If moving has crossed your mind for other reasons but deep down you have no real desire to go ahead with it then these 7 other home improvements will reignite the love you once had for your current home:

1. The installation of new windows and doors will leave your home looking more aesthetically-pleasing and improve thermal efficiency so that you feel warmer inside and pay less for energy.

2. Similar to the above point, adding a porch to your front entrance will enhance its character and give you a warm glow inside each time you approach the property.

3. Check that your existing boiler is working effectively and if it isn’t then get it replaced as there’s nothing better than cosying up indoors during the winter months.

4. Most families spend the majority of their time at home in the kitchen or lounge area catching up with their loved ones. Modernise them by either starting from scratch or updating certain features.

5. Take more of an interest and make more of an effort with your garden. Regularly maintaining it and giving it some colour with some carefully planted flowers will have a dramatic impact.

6. Repaint the master bedroom and use soothing colours that will help you sleep more soundly at night.

7. Change your carpets or invest in some hard flooring to bring some shine under foot.

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