What to Expect When Hazlemere Replace Your Windows & Doors

A very nice lady, we’ll call her Mrs B, popped in to the High Wycombe showroom this week. She knew exactly what double glazed windows and door she wanted; the material, the colour, the Georgian bar, which handles, everything. The only thing she didn’t know was how to dispose of the large set of patio doors she wanted replaced. It could almost put you off having the job done at all.

The showroom team obviously set her mind at rest immediately, naturally we take away all of the old windows and doors we are replacing, separating and sorting for recycling back at our factory. Her order is now all agreed and we look forward to leaving her property, after installing her new replacement windows and patio door, as clean and tidy as when we arrived. This little episode reminded me that what we know comes as standard service may not always be obvious to our customers. So here’s a little overview of what you can expect when Hazlemere Windows arrive to fit your new windows or doors.

On arrival the fitting team will introduce themselves (possibly tell you how they like their tea) and run through the details of the installation with you, that way if anything doesn’t meet with your expectation we all have chance to straighten it out before we start.

The installers will then wipe their feet, use dust sheets to protect the areas they are working in and also move any small items that might get damaged during the works. We will also re-measure to make sure everything coming off the van will fit before we start removing anything. We rarely find an issue but better to be safe than sorry.
With windows, once we have double checked the new replacements will fit (don’t worry you won’t be left with any gaping holes) we will begin to remove the existing frames. Initially we will remove the beads and take out the glass. The internal and external sealant is then cut and the fixings removed. If we are removing timber or steel frames then the sashes will be cut off and removed first, then the transoms and mullions and finally the outer frame. The paste will then be prized out of the opening. Once the frame is out we can clean and tidy up the reveal area ready for the replacement window.

If new cills are required these will be set into position first and the window will be prepped, have the handles fitted etc. The window is placed into the aperture and packers used between the gaps of the window so it’s secure and level. Non-corroding fixings are then used to fix it into the walls ready for glazing. With our UPVC windows we place the glass from the inside, with packers used to secure it, then the UPVC bead clips into the outer frame or sash. If we are replacing with aluminium frames the glass will be placed within the opening and sat on packers, the beads clipped in, then a rubber backing wedge fitted to force the glass forward and locate the beads into the security position. Any tolerance gaps between the window and the main structure will be filled with expanding foam and we will seal and trim on the inside, filling any larger holes with filler or plaster.

We will then externally seal the window using trims where required and if necessary repoint sand cement mortar under the cill and also to the horns of the cill. If your property is rendered or pebble dashed, any repairs will be undertaken to match accordingly. Your new window frames and glass will then be cleaned inside and out using glass cleaner, and depending on frame material, white spirit for aluminium and solvent for UPVC.

The procedure for replacing doors is very similar to the way we do the windows but the glazing is slightly different for doors. The glass is toe and heeled using glazing packers to force the weight of the glass onto the hinges to prevent the door from dropping and causing the locks not to function correctly. We’ll thoroughly check the locking mechanisms and position of the door before beginning our clean up.

Once we’ve finished installing we will clean up in all of the areas we have worked. Dust sheets are rolled up to collect all the debris and taken back to base for emptying into the skip. Mess can get under the sheets so we’ll vacuum and sweep up anything that escaped the protective covers. We will also check around the outside of the property to make sure all rubbish has been collected, and double check that there is no broken glass around causing a hazard.

Our installation teams don’t have a great reputation for nothing, so along with delivering quality workmanship they will make the process as painless as possible for you. Visit our customer review centre to see for yourself, you’ll find plenty of independent feedback regarding the Hazlemere fitting teams.


Our showrooms are our shop windows and we have invested heavily to create extensive displays that best showcase our large range of windows, doors and living spaces. You will receive a warm welcome, plus a proper coffee, and the choice to browse at your leisure without interruption.


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