How To Save Money In The Home This Winter

Winter isn’t just the coldest season of the year; it also tends to be the most expensive. Pre-festive parties, Christmas shopping and New Year revelry can collectively give your bank account a serious battering.

Added to all that you need to keep plenty cash aside to run your home. Feeling the financial squeeze?

Try our top 4 home money-saving tips

  1. Invest in new windows and doors

“I thought you were trying to help me save money, not spend more of it!” Just hear us out.

Much of the heat loss that occurs in UK households is caused by the lack of thermal efficiency provided by the windows and doors in the house. How do people try and compensate for this? By cranking up their heating systems further, causing the cost of fuel bills to rise unnecessarily. You won’t need to do this when you have contemporary windows and doors fitted as they offer exceptional thermal efficiency and keep costs down. With new UPVC and Aluminium windows expected to last 20+ years, you can expect to save a huge amount of money over that time.

  1. Knock off the lights

When walking into some houses you’re greeted with something akin to Blackpool illuminations as there are that many lights switched on when they really needn’t be. Turn off the lights in any rooms that aren’t being utilised for starters and substitute conventional lighting in the living room for candles and tea lights to create a tranquil and warm ambience.

  1. Put a thicker duvet or extra sheet on the bed

You shouldn’t need your heating on when you’re asleep as your bed should insulate you enough whenever you turn in for the night. Any feeling of coldness when curled up in your pit means that you need a better duvet or further sheet or two adding.

  1. Dress appropriately for winter

You can hardly complain about feeling cold indoors if you’re walking around in a t-shirt and pair of shorts. Put on a sweater with a t-shirt underneath and a comfortable pair of jeans or trousers during the day time and nothing beats a cosy dressing gown or pyjamas at night time.

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