5 Ways To Improve Your Home Security

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Take a minute to list the most valuable possessions in your home and it’s likely to include at least some of the following items:

  • Television
  • Jewellery
  • Garden machinery (lawnmower, strimmer)
  • Desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Clothes
  • Photographs
  • Stereo system
  • Record collection

Now, imagine how you would feel if any of those objects were stolen, some of which may be irreplaceable and are held dear for sentimental reasons. It naturally brings a sick feeling to your stomach doesn’t it and you’ll probably feel a damn sight worse if they’re swiped due to your home not being secure enough.

Be vigilant…

If you suspect in the slightest that you could do more to protect your home from potential theft, take action now and follow our 5 steps to a more secure home:

  1. Install a burglar alarm

Don’t be tempted into saving the pennies and buying a dummy alarm system. Burglars can usually spot them a mile off.

You can buy a reliable burglar alarm for around the £100 mark that triggers attacks and acts as a deterrent to intruders. Fitting a quality burglar alarm could also cut the cost of your home insurance.

  1. Install CCTV

As an accompaniment to a brand new burglar alarm, think about installing CCTV. Businesses frequently use it so what’s stopping you from installing it at your home?

Many burglars will think twice about forcing their way into your private living space if they catch sight of CCTV. It’ll also obviously increase the chances of identifying thieves.

  1. Get a friend or neighbour to house-sit

Heading off on holiday for a week or two? Ask a friend or neighbour to pop in first thing in the morning and last thing at night to draw or pull your curtains open.

Any mail hanging out of your letterbox should also be taken away by them and filed inside as it’s a clear sign that you’re away from home. You could also think about joining the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Refrain from publicising your impending holiday on social media too as this could be pounced upon by wannabe thieves.

  1. Stop leaving the spare key out

When somebody needs to get in the house and you’re not there it’s always tempting to leave a spare key for them under the doormat or in a plant pot next to the door. Don’t do it!

Burglars will look for keys in such spots and you’ll be giving them an open invitation into your home. How would you explain that to the insurers?

  1. Fit up-to-the-minute windows and doors

Before going up to bed or leaving your home empty, you should go around the house and double check that all windows and doors are securely fastened; you’d be amazed at how many homes are burgled simply because the windows and doors have been left unlocked. Any noticeable give in the windows and doors when they’re locked is a sure-fire sign that they need to be replaced, and the sooner, the better.

Contemporary windows and doors, whether double or triple glazed, contain multi-point locking mechanisms. A simple turn of the key deadlocks the bolts and keeps the window or door firmly locked shut.

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