What Is The Difference Between Double & Triple Glazed Windows?

Until a few years ago, triple glazing was predominantly used in exceptionally cold countries, like those within Scandinavia, and scarcely fitted or marketed in warmer climates like the UK. Since its introduction into the UK window market it has given window buyers a viable alternative to traditional double glazed windows, but left many questioning what is the difference between the two?

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Your quick guide to triple glazing

A single glazed window contains one sole pane of glass and a double glazed window encompasses two pieces of glass. So, guess what? Yes, a triple glazed window is composed of three glass panes.

The insertion of that third pane into a window frame presents a number of benefits:

  1. Lower U-value

Heat loss is further minimised when inserting that third pane of insulated glass and the overall U-value of a triple glazed window is significantly lower than that of a double or single glazed window.

  1. Enhanced comfort

Because less heat can pass through a triple glazed window, rooms feel more comfortable temperature wise, reducing the chances of the main areas of the house feeling cold in the winter time.

  1. Improved acoustic performance

If you live on a busy road or within a noisy neighbourhood and you’re sick of being disrupted, a triple glazed window promises better acoustic performance. Less noise will get through to your living space.

  1. Better protection

Adding a third pane of glass inevitably gives a triple glazed window more depth than a two-pane double glazed window or single glazed window, helping make a property more secure.

Double glazing still has its merits

However, please don’t think that double glazing is no longer worth considering, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you currently have single glazing fitted and your budget only stretches to double glazing you shouldn’t view this negatively. Double glazing easily outperforms single glazing on the above 4 points mentioned, justifying the investment.

You could even think about mixing the two – fitting triple glazed windows in the busiest rooms in the house i.e. living room, bathroom, and having double glazed windows installed elsewhere. That way you get the best of both worlds.

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