A Complete Guide To Solid Tiled Roofs

Speak to the owner of a traditional conservatory and ask them what their biggest bugbear is with their home extension and they will likely say that it offers poor thermal performance.

Tiled Roof Orangery in Rosewood Woodgrain

What we mean by that is that it feels extremely cold in the winter months and incredibly warm throughout summer.

This severely restricts conservatory usage and leads to the extension standing empty for extended periods. But the issue can be resolved by installing a solid roof to the existing conservatory structure.

A solid roof will make a conservatory usable again…

The solid roof is a replacement roof covering and relatively recent innovation that’s purposely designed to restore thermal efficiency within old conservatories. It is made up of insulated plywood and a rigid insulation board.

Because the solid roof design is so adaptable, it can be manufactured to fit various conservatory styles, orangeries, porches and home extensions. The lightness of the roof allows it to be incorporated onto any existing base and framing, meaning installation only takes a few hours in most circumstances.

3 major benefits of a solid tiled roof

  1. Enhanced energy efficiency

Conventional glass and polycarbonate roofs are responsible for many conservatories feeling chilly and overheating. Exchanging them for a solid tiled roof will improve temperature control and provide you with a living space that you can enjoy at all times of the year.

  1. Natural looking slates/tiles

Any newly fitted conservatory roof should complement the appearance of the slates/tiles on the roof of the house. The lightweight slates/tiles of a solid roof are extremely authentic and come in numerous finishes to help you find a colour that best matches the existing aesthetics.

  1. Improves the value of your home

It is estimated that a conservatory installation can add around 7 per cent to the resale value of a property. That probably won’t be the case if the conservatory has ceased to offer sufficient energy efficiency, a problem that a solid roof is designed to resolve and help make the extension valuable again.

Make a solid investment at Hazlemere

Buying a solid tiled roof from Hazlemere will pay dividends for existing conservatory owners throughout the region.

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