What Is The Difference Between UPVC & Aluminium Windows?

Buying new windows for your home is something you only normally do every couple of decades or more, so, when a window replacement is required it is important that you make the right decision.

White UPVC Windows

Some of that decision-making will include choosing between double glazing and triple glazing, and figuring out what your favourite window style is e.g. casement, Georgian, sash, tilt & turn.

Lastly, you will need to figure out whether you opt for windows manufactured from UPVC or aluminium.

UPVC vs Aluminium – which comes out on top?

We’ve broken down the key features you should expect of a contemporary window to give you a clearer insight into how UPVC and aluminium fare:


The budget you have available will no doubt influence your decision and UPVC windows tend to be more affordable than aluminium windows.

UPVC and aluminium both offer superb thermal insulation and will save you a considerable amount of money on household fuel, so remember to factor this in when pricing up what it’s going to cost.


They’re pretty much level pegging in terms of how much maintenance they demand as the answer is “very little”.

Like most materials, UPVC and aluminium need a clean every now and again with a wet cloth to remove any dirt, but that’s about it. You never need to repaint or treat them.


UPVC is very tough, but aluminium is even stronger. Both are resilient enough to withstand weathering and lose none of their strength.

You get a lengthy guarantee with UPVC and aluminium windows which highlights how their durability will remain intact for years to come. They also both come fitted with the latest secure locking mechanisms.


Traditional white is the most widely produced UPVC colour, but there are other finishes available for those wanting something a little different.

However, aluminium windows do tend to be supplied in a more diverse number of colours, so if you’re really keen to buck the trend, aluminium is probably your best option.

The final result

Let’s call it a draw as you really can’t go wrong when choosing between UPVC and aluminium windows – they’re both exceptionally good window solutions.

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