3 Benefits Of A Roof Lantern

We call them roof lanterns but you may also know them as skylights or rooflights. They’re all practically the same as they’re ceiling windows and their chief purpose is to supply the room below with an injection of natural sunlight.

Roof Lantern

Available in various shapes and sizes, our bespoke aluminium and UPVC double glazed roof lanterns can be incorporated into flat roof renovations and extensions, new-builds, kitchens and orangeries.

We have already outlined the most obvious benefit of a roof lantern installation which is the additional brightness it will bring indoors, but there are other reasons that may motivate you to invest in this high-quality product.

Reduce your energy bills

All that light that hits your living space will make you less dependent on artificial light, particularly during the summer months due to the extended hours of daylight. This will result in cheaper electricity bills and also help lower your carbon footprint. Including energy efficient glazing in the roof lantern will keep out the cold too.

Boosts your health

Frequent exposure to natural sunlight has been shown to improve our well being and lift energy levels. It can also have a positive impact on our productivity which is ideal if you utilise the respective room as a work space when outside of the conventional office. Say goodbye to seasonal affective disorder.

Apparent spaciousness

The light that pours in will completely transform the whole atmosphere of a room. It also somehow makes a room feel substantially bigger, aided by the fantastic aerial views that you can expect to profit from in broad daylight and when gazing at the night sky.

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