Add Style To The Back Of Your Home – Fit A Stable Door

Just like you should replace an old front door that no longer provides stylishness, security and thermal efficiency, the same step should be taken when your existing rear door ceases providing these essential qualities.

You’re completely spoilt for choice when it comes to replacement rear doors, however, if you’re looking for something that offers a bit more than a standard back door, why not add a country feel to your property with a stable door.

What is a stable door?

As we all know, a standard back door provides a single opening.

A stable door on the other hand is split into two; containing a top half and bottom half. The top and bottom portions of the door can be opened independently of each other.

It is also typically designed in a style reminiscent of a timber door to give it that authentic appearance.

Benefits of a stable door

  1. Ventilation

You can use a stable door a bit like a window.

When the interior of your house could do with some fresh air, just open the top half of the door to draw in outdoor air. It’ll be a pretty sizeable opening, so plenty coolness will filter its way in to ventilate your living space.

  1. Child safety

Those with young children who live close to a major road will be keen to ensure that their kids are incapable of exiting their house without their knowledge.

You can have the door partially opened via the top section and keep the bottom section firmly locked shut to prevent any kiddies making a run for it.

  1. Security

Don’t forget that the chief purpose of any residential door is to not only look good, but provide continual security.

A significant number of break-ins occur through a weather-beaten rear door. Thankfully, a new stable door possesses the strength and resilience to resist most burglary attempts. It also comes fitted with the very latest secure mechanisms.

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