What Is The Optimum Position For A Letterbox?

You may not see the initial importance of the ‘optimum’ letterbox placement, but there is always huge debate about this topic (especially if you are the postman). It can have a big impact on how secure your property is. Here is our theory on letterbox placement…

Black Composite Door with Aluminium Surround

If you’re a postman, the last thing you want to be doing is having to sit on the floor to post letters, to a house where their letterbox is right at the bottom of the door. If this is the case, you may not receive your post, as the postman may claim “health and safety” reasons for not being able to deliver through a very low letterbox. In this instance, the favoured height of a letterbox for a postman has got to be on or above the mid-rail of a front door or side panel.

For security reasons, you may prefer to position your letterbox far away from the front door handle and locking mechanism (which makes them by definition more secure). For example, in a side panel. When you’re away from home for a long period of time, whether on holiday or a business trip, there will be a “build up” of post. This is easily noticeable, by unwanted external prying eyes, if you have clear glass panels in your door. You need to make sure the view is obscured. It can easily be achieved through the installation of solid panels in your doors and side panels or very obscure glass. Our double glazed and triple glazed glass comes with a choice of obscure glass patterns and designs that have different levels of obscurity.

On the other hand, not putting a letterbox on a front door is much better for the aesthetics of any main entrance. The doorway will stay uncluttered from holiday post, which could prevent the door from opening inwards properly when you return. An alternative option, is investing in an exterior letter box which could be placed on the wall of your house, next to your door. The mail could then go directly into a secure locked area such as a garage, porch or secure pillar box (i.e. somewhere that cannot be viewed externally).

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