How A Composite Door Can Impact Your Thermal Efficiency

Will this winter ever end? That’s the question on the lips of householders who have been hit by expensive energy bills over these exceptionally cold few months. Some of them can’t just blame the weather for their costly fuel costs though. It could also be because their front / back door needs replacing and a composite door is a superb solution.

Green Composite Door

About 35% of heat loss occurs through walls and through gaps, in and around windows and doors, so a poorly insulating door could be responsible for a high quantity of this figure.

When you feel the cold getting through your door you could try a quick fix and install draught proofing around the door to stop cold air rushing through, but why would you when a composite door promises to be a permanent fix to the problem?

The backstory of the composite door

It is very fitting that a composite door consists of various materials including UPVC and wood as it was partly introduced to the market in the 1990’s to give people an alternative to traditional timber doors and UPVC door designs.

Coated in a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin, it has a hugely dense internal core. This gives it unrivalled strength and impressive thermal insulating qualities.

Top thermal performance

Current building regulations require replacement doors to achieve a U-value of 1.8 W/m² or less. A U-value indicates how much heat passes through a door – the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient it is. Composite doors carry a very low U-value and exceed the necessary thermal standard.

When integrated into your entranceway, a good composite door will keep the weather where it should be – on the outside. The end result? A warmer and securer home of course and much more affordable energy costs.

A terrific trio of composites

Hazlemere supplies and fits three composite door ranges:

  • Ultimate Series
  • Elite Series
  • Select Series

Our woodgrain effect composite doors feature Heat Shield technology to reflect away harmful NIR rays and ensure they perform in all weather conditions.

Get our composite door guide

We have put together an extensive guide to composite doors that you can download here to find out more about how it will impact on thermal efficiency.


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