uPVC vs Aluminium Windows: Key Factors to Consider

When it comes to uPVC vs aluminium windows, the discussion is far from straightforward. Each material presents a unique set of benefits and drawbacks, and the suitability of one over the other largely depends on the individual property’s characteristics.

To aid homeowners in navigating this intricate decision, an in-depth exploration of the key strengths and weaknesses of both window types is essential.

upvc windows vs aluminum
Which Is Best uPVC Or Aluminium Windows?

Some may accuse us of sitting on the fence, but we believe that they’re both equally fantastic building materials, this is why we provide both options at Hazlemere.

It really is up to you which of the two you prefer; all we can do is try to give you an impartial understanding of some of the pros and cons of UPVC and aluminium.




Oh how we love the weather in this country, not! Constant wind, rain and cold eventually gets the better of traditional timber windows, doors and conservatories, whereas UPVC is completely weather-resistant.


We all have busy lives and the last thing we want to be doing is preserving our windows, doors and conservatories. The weather-resistance offered by UPVC makes it incredibly easy to clean and you don’t have to do any repainting as the colour will never fade.


Choosing between building materials will often be determined by cost. UPVC is one of the most affordable options out there and will provide excellent value for money when you consider how long it can last.


Lack of character

Wood-built home improvements have an elegance and charm about them. UPVC in comparison doesn’t quite share the same exquisite character of wood, but what does?!




The toughness of aluminium is the thing that most sets it apart from other materials used for producing home improvement products. It can withstand virtually anything which is why is has such a lengthy lifespan.


Despite its unbeatable toughness, aluminium is amazingly light and this helps to make it a very flexible material. You can mould and shape aluminium any way you desire, ideal if you want a bespoke design in a very specific style.


If you want the widest possible choice of colours for your new windows, door or conservatory, aluminium is your best bet. Any RAL colour of your liking can be incorporated into an aluminium frame.



Aluminium is more costly than UPVC, but this shouldn’t cause you to immediately rule it out. Factor in the various benefits of aluminium and you will see that it provides outstanding value for money.

Which Windows are Best for a House?

Windows are a huge focal point of homes and when the time comes to update them, it’s crucial that the right replacement style is chosen, otherwise you risk gaining designs that are out of character and spoil a home’s persona. 

Being a stockist of all the most popular window styles, Hazlemere is well qualified to advise you of which styles complement the many classes of property that exist. 

Casement Windows – The UK’s favourite window style and appropriate for modern and traditional home styles. 

Sash Windows – Commonly utilised in period residences and featuring a vertical slider facility. 

Tilt & Turn Windows – Their inventive opening mechanism simplifies window maintenance, ideal for those inhabiting a high rise building. 

Bay Windows – Offering a slight outward projection and regularly seen in everything from new builds to Tudor dwellings. 

Cottage Windows – Based on a traditional cottage window and can re-establish or instil vintage charm at heritage and contemporary homes. 

Is Aluminium More Expensive Than UPVC?

Cost always comes into the equation when you’re factoring what new conservatory, windows or doors to buy and there generally is a discrepancy in price between aluminium and UPVC-built products, with aluminium tending to be the costlier of the two materials. Particularly complex UPVC designs can command a higher valuation than aluminium equivalents in certain instances, and it can also be influenced by things like aperture size, glass type etc., but broadly speaking, aluminium designs are higher-priced.

To take windows, as an example. Aluminium windows can be roughly 30% to 40% more expensive than UPVC windows. However, aluminium’s cost is reflective of its immense strength and sleekness, corrosion-resistance, and enduring aesthetic and performance, giving you superb long-term value.

Do Aluminium Windows Cause Condensation?

The issue of condensation is not exclusive to aluminium windows. Condensation can occur on any window surface when there’s a temperature difference between the inside and outside of a home. In fact, aluminium windows typically have better thermal performance than older versions, which reduces the likelihood of condensation.

Proper home insulation and ventilation play significant roles in managing moisture levels within the home. To avoid condensation appearing in your home, regardless of the material of your windows, you should maintain a balanced temperature indoors and regularly open windows. For tips on reducing condensation in your home, speak with a Hazlemere advisor.

What is the Lifespan of an Aluminium Window?

Aluminium windows are renowned for their durability and resistance to corrosion, contributing to an extremely impressive lifespan that typically ranges from 20 to 30 years or more with regular upkeep. The length of time is a testament to the robust nature of aluminium.

By following a maintenance routine that includes regular cleaning and carrying out inspections for signs of wear or damage, homeowners can extend the lifespan of their aluminium windows even more so. And with proper care, aluminium windows can continue to provide reliable performance and boosted kerb appeal for decades, making them a worthwhile investment for each and every property.

The best way of coming to a conclusive decision as to whether you are more inclined towards UPVC or aluminium? Visit a Hazlemere showroom of course!


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