UPVC vs Aluminium

It’s a debate that rages on in the home improvement world – which is better, UPVC-built conservatories, windows and doors or aluminium-built conservatories, windows and doors?

White UPVC Windows

Some may accuse us of sitting on the fence, but we believe that they’re both equally fantastic building materials, this is why we provide both options at Hazlemere.

It really is up to you which of the two you prefer; all we can do is try to give you an impartial understanding of some of the pros and cons of UPVC and aluminium.




Oh how we love the weather in this country, not! Constant wind, rain and cold eventually gets the better of traditional timber windows, doors and conservatories, whereas UPVC is completely weather-resistant.


We all have busy lives and the last thing we want to be doing is preserving our windows, doors and conservatories. The weather-resistance offered by UPVC makes it incredibly easy to clean and you don’t have to do any repainting as the colour will never fade.


Choosing between building materials will often be determined by cost. UPVC is one of the most affordable options out there and will provide excellent value for money when you consider how long it can last.


Lack of character

Wood-built home improvements have an elegance and charm about them. UPVC in comparison doesn’t quite share the same exquisite character of wood, but what does?!




The toughness of aluminium is the thing that most sets it apart from other materials used for producing home improvement products. It can withstand virtually anything which is why is has such a lengthy lifespan.


Despite its unbeatable toughness, aluminium is amazingly light and this helps to make it a very flexible material. You can mould and shape aluminium any way you desire, ideal if you want a bespoke design in a very specific style.


If you want the widest possible choice of colours for your new windows, door or conservatory, aluminium is your best bet. Any RAL colour of your liking can be incorporated into an aluminium frame.



Aluminium is more costly than UPVC, but this shouldn’t cause you to immediately rule it out. Factor in the various benefits of aluminium and you will see that it provides outstanding value for money.


The best way of coming to a conclusive decision as to whether you are more inclined towards UPVC or aluminium? Visit a Hazlemere showroom of course!



Our showrooms are our shop windows and we have invested heavily to create extensive displays that best showcase our large range of windows, doors and living spaces. You will receive a warm welcome, plus a proper coffee, and the choice to browse at your leisure without interruption.


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